Films & Interactive Media


Interactive and Immersive Content

Our focus at Sonnet Realm Interactive is to design captivating and immersive worlds with the best possible experiences. We consider ourselves "Experience Designers", and our aim is to craft memorable moments for our audiences. Next to graphics and game play-ability, agency is our most important design element. We believe in creating worlds that our audiences will not just navigate through, but thoroughly interact with and become fully immersed. Rather than just controlling a character in an environment, you become the character. To do this we are assembling experienced content creators and using the best physics engines to construct amazing worlds for you to participate in.

Open World RPG

An action-adventure open world video game set on an alien planet within the Star Rift universe. 1 player or multiplayer options.

                          In Development

Board Game

A strategic territory building and area control board game set in space for 2-6 players.

                         In Production 

Card Game

A hilarious card game you can take anywhere and play with your friends!

In Development

STAR RIFT - Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce the current development of our galactic conquest board game.