Films & Interactive Media

Sonnet Realm is an innovative trans media company that focuses on producing 
captivating original content. Creating compelling, thought-provoking 
stories that inspire the imagination and move the human spirit.  

Sonnet Realm was founded in 2008 by Adam and Elle Sonnet as an entertainment production company that blends character driven stories with creative and imaginative concepts. Creating immersive multi-genre original content spanning across film, animation, soundtracks, interactive, and comic books. Their goal is to not just make great films and media, but to inspire the audience's imagination with wonder for generations to come.

Sonnet Realm Film and their creative endeavors have attracted passionate followers from all over the world. However, what has made Sonnet Realm stand out is their outstanding collaborators and industry leaders: Accomplished concept designers, award-winning composers, award winning make-up artists, accomplished TV and film actors, comic book artists, published authors, technical advisers and business entrepreneurs.      

Meet Our Team

Writer, director and production designer Adam Sonnet co-founded Sonnet Realm in 2008 to bring thought provoking and imaginative storytelling to audiences.  Sonnet has always pushed for quality content over quantity as a personal guideline. He is creator and writer of numerous properties including but not limited to, Incursion, the TV series Organic Guerrilla, and most recently the science fiction feature, Triborn, which is in active development. As head conceptual designer on all Sonnet Realm productions, Sonnet's focus and passion has been world building through art and illustration.  Sonnet's goal is to bring a unique brand of creative entertainment with believable characters and amazing concepts for others to enjoy.
"If you can inspire the imagination and spark the human spirit in just one person, that's success."  Adam Sonnet


Elle is co-founder of Sonnet Realm and is a primary creative collaborator on all SRF properties. She has years of marketing and social media expertise that has proven to be vital to Sonnet Realm. She is also an amazing filmmaker that has brought both the creative and business side of making movies into the company. Her passion for filmmaking is a driving force within the company that has made Sonnet Realm the ambitious company it is today.


An all around conceptual designer, Gale has been a key member of our team since 2009 in all things creative. Having a history in art design, puppets,  props and sets, Benning brings years of expertise and creativity to Sonnet Realm. He has taken the lead to brand our company and develop key multi-media conceptual assets on many Sonnet Realm properties including the production design of the science fiction film, Triborn, which is in active development. Benning focuses on innovative creative ideas to help make our company a leader in cutting edge entertainment.   


Having a long-lasting career as an Aerodynamics Engineer and Senior Technical Fellow at BOEING, Vahlberg also has a passion for filmmaking and has been a key contributor to Sonnet Realm since its inception. Being an investor in multiple animation films and having started his own health and fitness company, Men's Aging, he brings years of business expertise to Sonnet Realm. Vahlberg guides and supports the growth and development while assisting in the creative vision of the company.