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Kitbashing versus Computer Modeling

by Gale Benning

     The TRIBORN Universe contains many new themes and settings and with it many varied modes of transportation and each of these require a sense of design. The results of building and designing in 3D modeling software are impressive and the flexibility is unprecedented. Digital lighting and texture mapping techniques have had decades to improve, meet most of any director's vision and can be rearranged with relative ease. During the development of TRIBORN, I decided to take the opportunity to not only use contemporary methods but to also utilize a more traditional process.

     When it comes to hard surface design, computer software often provides an edge with precision, scale and replication, but it lacks in the sense of puzzle-building or discovery that I find with physical Kitbashing. To the unfamiliar, Kitbashing is the practice whereby a physical scale model is created by taking pieces from standard retail model kits and combining them to shape something new. This method does not rely on instructions and with it brings a chance for discovery, a chance to hold pieces together and see a relationship you could not have otherwise envisioned on the computer screen. Once the design was completed, further development could happen by either remodeling in the computer or building a larger scale model for use in filming.

     Two ships are on the TRIBORN “progress table” that have finished what I would call the "design phase" and are ready to move forward into the multiple "development phases". One is the Hero Ship or most used or recognized vehicle of the film, which I chose to design entirely in 3D software. The other is a smaller transport ship that is normally housed inside the Hero Ship, this one I chose to Kitbash.

     I would say that creatively I found enjoyment in both exercises, the former being a method that I was more recently active with as the software Sketchup has a broad spectrum for use. I recognized that Sketchup is not on the higher end of programs available, but it's quick and easy to navigate. From this point, the production will farm out the design to other artists to transform the original into a textured digital model ready for on screen animation. The latter ship, the smaller transport was a conglomeration of parts from four off-the-shelf model kits; two jet planes, a spaceship and a manga robot.

     The timeframe for each of these builds was surprisingly similar, both having a slow start as I had to find what the shapes called for and how a particular ship began "telling" me what fit within it. I could see with both of these projects, it was about the details. Whether it was bending small tubes of copper for the utility lines of the transport ship, or a click-and-drag extruding of the main engine thrusters of the Hero Ship, it's the little parts that make it feel like the model existed with a scale and in a space. In the end it’s about the design, regardless of the process. I always remember to ask myself; does it feel like it lives in this Universe called TRIBORN?

Sonnet Realm Announces Their Fall Film Production Slate

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August 31st

Sonnet Realm announces plans to produce multiple short films in the coming fall months.

As their feature film, TRIBORN, is in active development, their production team is moving forward with smaller projects in the meantime. In the tradition of FAIR FIGHT, their DC Tribute film, they have plans to produce a sequel plus another DC universe short film that is scheduled to go into production the first week of September. Along with those projects they are happy to announce their sci-fi original, STASIS, for the month of October, plus a secret fantasy/sci-fi film scheduled for November.

"The creative synergy within our team is fervent right now, so we want to keep the flame hot towards making some really exciting and artistic projects." - Adam Sonnet

Sonnet Realm is currently in the works of expanding their company and producing several cutting edge sci-fi and fantasy films. Their goal over the next several years is to produce quality thought-provoking multi-genre feature films and media.

Sonnet Realm is a Trans Media company that is also in the process of developing comic books, video games and board games.


Penka Kouneva, Joins TRIBORN as Co-Composer

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 Penka Kouneva, Joins TRIBORN as Co-Composer Along with Composer River Sonnet.



  • TRANSFORMERS 1, 2, 3
  • THE MATRIX 2 and 3,


Meet Penka:

Film & Game composer of "exquisite talent" (NPR) Penka Kouneva began her career in film & TV in 2000, and in 2009 had a break scoring AAA video games (PRINCE OF PERSIA: FORGOTTEN SANDS and TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN games, with themes by Steve Jablonsky, the Transformers composer). Recently, Penka has scored a dozen award-winning independent features (Primrose Lane, The Third Nail starring Chloe Moretz, Midnight Movie starring Brea Grant), television and games.

Penka has released two award-winning concept albums: The Woman Astronaut (2015, on Varese Sarabande / Universal Music Group) and A Warrior's Odyssey (2012, on Sumthing Else) both receiving 5-star press. Her music has been reviewed as "luminous, original, innovative, groundbreaking, brilliant." Penka's composition awards include: Game Audio Network Guild's Recognition Award (2016), Sundance Composer Fellowship, two Ovation Awards, Aaron Copland Award, etc.

In addition to composing, Penka is a top studio orchestrator on Ninja Turtles 2, Elysium, Ender's Game (films) and Sony's 2016 Game of the Year Bloodborne. Other orchestration credits include the franchises Matrix, Transformers, Pirates 3, and the games Gears of War 2, 3, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Overwatch, Sims, Lord of The Rings, and many low-budget independent films and games. Penka is also a passionate mentor who has trained and opened life-changing doors for dozens of young composers now working at the studio level. During the worst years of recession Penka was employing large teams of musicians and orchestrators to work on her studio jobs in film, TV and games. As a unique composing talent and role model, she has been profiled in two documentaries, two textbooks, NPR shows, keynote addresses, and national press.

Penka was born and raised in Bulgaria, began studying classical music at an early age and graduated from the National Academy of Music. In 1990 she was awarded a Duke Graduate fellowship to study composition at Duke. Penka arrived to US with $150 in her pocket. In 1997 she received Duke University's first-ever Doctorate degree in composition. In 1999 Penka came to LA with one contact, small savings, no job, and a dream to become a film composer. Today Penka is recognized as an industry leader.


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[Photo by Bjorn Wilde, photo from IMDb]

Rico Anderson is known for his role in Star Trek: Renegades and dozens of guest starring roles on shows like Bones, Criminal Minds, Code Black and many sitcoms.


"We are very happy to have Rico Anderson on board portraying a lead character. In his audition he took my direction and captured the essence of the character. This will be a heavy acting role for Rico."

-Writer and Director, Adam Sonnet


TRIBORN is a Science-Fiction Action Thriller feature film by Sonnet Realm Films. Production is tentatively slated for Spring 2016 first starting with a Kickstarter which will run through to the end of October.

Once their Kickstarter goes live, the direct link will be


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Sonnet Realm Films announces Creature Concept Designer and Actor (STAR TREK, 2009), Neville Page, to also co-star in the science-fiction action thriller, TRIBORN. Not only will Neville be designing a new unique alien species for the film, but he’s agreed to come on board to perform in a leading role.


Many people know of Neville Page from his work on such films and TV shows as AVATAR, STAR TREK, PROMETHEUS, FALLING SKIES, SyFy’s FACE OFF, and many more. However, what many do not know is that Neville Page moved to Hollywood to be an actor above all else. Writer and Director Adam Sonnet wrote a very special role for Neville Page in the upcoming film TRIBORN.


When asked about performing in the film, Neville Page responded,

“I'm very excited, but also very nervous about performing in TRIBORN - because it's not my comfort zone, but that excites me because it's going to force me to do things I don't normally do, and it's going to force me to recall all the skills I once 'maybe' had as an actor years ago."