Films & Interactive Media


“I can hear them speaking to me in my dreams, nameless and faceless voices that call 

to me from out of the darkness. What are they, and what do they want from me?”


Welcome to the TRIBORN universe. Set in a distant future on board the EMRSS REDIVIVUS as pictured to the left, this thrilling space adventure is our most anticipated sci-fi film project in active development.

TRIBORN stars female actress Elle Viane Sonnet with an array of many other science fiction actors and talent such as Carrie Henn ALIENS, Ricco Ross ALIENS, Patrick Kilpatrick Minority Report, and Neville Page of Star Trek. Many more talented cast and crew are coming on board the film project as the film continues to be developed. 

The TRIBORN Technical Manual is currently being assembled with over 200 images of Production Art from spaceship designs, vehicles, interiors, and the gadgetry of the universe.

The beautiful work of our spaceship design concept winner, Shawn Weixelman with this animated design. 


These are a just a few from among hundreds of concepts being created of the interior sets.